About Us

Why We Look at the Big Picture

CSRG is an applied research, development, analysis, and technical services company specializing in Command and Control (C2), mission assurance, continuity planning, and strategic communications solutions. The company was founded to provide federal government, state government, and industry partners the opportunity to obtain policy, planning, and technical advice from a broad inter-disciplinary perspective. Today's threat picture is exponentially more complicated than only a few decades ago. In addition to traditional kinetic threats, risk includes emerging technological hazards and natural disasters. As the current pool of experts who understand why many strategic systems and plans were put in place retire from full time employment, we formed this company to enable the transfer of knowledge from these subject matter experts to a new generation of NC3 policy, strategic weapons, communications, and continuity practitioners.

With the ever increasing speed and complexity of emerging technology, there is a need to have experts who understand the interaction of different technologies in complex systems under various threat scenarios. While there are plenty of experts in the specialized fields who know HOW from an engineering perspective, very few understand WHY from a policy perspective and more importantly the nuances related to the integration of these systems needed to successfully execute the missions. CSRG relies on employees and partners with expertise in a variety of areas including operators, communications systems specialists, engineers, programmers, and policy experts to analyze current and future assured communications programs. CSRG additionally looks at new ways to bridge or utilize technology in non-traditional "outside of the box" projects to minimize cost, improve capability, or introduce new capability for the customer. We are the "Big Picture" people.

CSRG additionally provides independent third party operational testing, reviews, and product improvement recommendations for government organizations and manufacturers of HF, VHF/UHF land mobile radio, and small satellite terminal products and services supporting federal or state government.

Our company is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). We are registered with the Federal Government System For Award Management (SAM).

Technological Hazards

The influx of technology into everyday life has created new and unique threats. Cyber attack against the power grid, transportation, supply chain systems, and telecommunications have the capacity to catastrophically alter the balance of power.

Natural Disasters

While man-made threats continue to expand, the reliance on network enabled communications and powered devices have increased risk from natural disasters. While 50 years ago, certain natural threats were almost inconsequential, events such as a massive solar flare can cause impacts to infrastructure exceeding that of many technological hazards.